Orienteering Manitoba

Material for Educators

(December 2012)

The following material is available for educators who are interested in teaching orienteering. You may need Microsoft Office (Word/PowerPoint) and Adobe Reader to view these files.

Teaching Orienteering Skills

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Teaching Orienteering Skills: Recommended Instructor Qualifications

Teaching Orienteering Skills: Equipment

Teaching Orienteering Skills: Curriculum Outline

Fun Activities: The orienteering activities listed below are designed to teach a wide range of orienteering skills. They are suitable for children from 6 years old to young adults. These activities have been grouped into categories 1 through 6 for ease of navigation. Some activities are suitable for more than one category. They have been adapted from the Foothills Wanderers Orienteering Club Junior program (http://www.orienteeringcalgary.ca/).

1. Inside O Games - 6 activities (Word Document)
    Match Game Control Descriptions (PDF File)
    Match Game Symbols (PDF File)
    Match Game Urban (PDF File)
    Robert Burnaby Match Game (PDF File)

2. O-Basics - 30 activities (Word Document)
    Bing-O (PDF File)
    Bing-O Cards (PDF File)
    Capture the O Flag (PDF File)

3. Map Feature Games - 10 activities (Word Document)

4. O-Courses - 16 activities (Word Document)
    Maze-O (PDF File)
    Star Relay (PDF File)
    Vampire-O (PDF File)

5. Compass Games - 11 activities (Word Document)

6. Advanced - 16 activities (Word Document)
    Blank Map-O (PDF File)
    Corridor O (PDF File)
    Follow Me 1 (PDF File)
    Rel-O-cation (PDF File)
    Route Blast (PDF File)
    Xs and Os (PDF File)
    You Complete Me (PDF File)

Resources on the Web

Teaching Orienteering Skills: Web Resources
    Teaching Orienteering Manuals
    Introduction to Orienteering
    Maps and Map Reading
    Course Planning
    How to Use a Compass
    Print Material
    Orienteering Software and Games
    GPS and Orienteering