Manitoba Orienteering Association

Teaching Orienteering Skills


(December 2012)

Teaching Orienteering Manuals

From British Columbia: Premier's Sport Awards Program Orienteering Teaching the Basics Resource Manual

Manitoba Curriculum Outline

Alberta Lesson Plans

From New Zealand: Games, techniques, map making for Ages 12-18

From Switzerland Orienteering Federation: A teachers' resource in French, German and Italian

From Australia: Lesson Plan and Exercises

Introduction to Orienteering

Manitoba Orienteering Association PowerPoint Presentation “Introduction to Orienteering”

Your First Time Out

Orienteering for the Young

The string course - Ages 2-5

Beginner Course - Ages 6 and Up

Yes Magazine

Junior Programs
Foothills Wanders Orienteering Club, Calgary:
Ottawa Orienteering Club, Ottawa:

Useful Links

Maps and Map Reading

Map Symbols
English version:
French version:
An online control symbol learning game:

Top Tips


Mappers Guide:
Maps can be obtained from:
    Manitoba Orienteering Maps:
    Google Maps:
    Topographical Maps:
    Provincial Park Maps:
    Street Maps: Google specific City/Town
    Site Plans/Landscape drawings: Contact local administration for your site (e.g., community center, school, etc.)

Course Planning

Condes (used by the MOA) is a Windows program, designed to assist the orienteering course planner.

Purple Pen is course setting software for orienteering.

How to Use a Compass

Triangulating Your Location:


Sudoku p.14:
Sudoku p.23:

Print Material

Orienteering Software and Games
Catching Features -
WinOrient -
WinOL -
Oriantica -
MapMemory -
Rasor ARDF Games -

GPS and Orienteering