Orienteering Manitoba

Information for Event Organizers

Course and Category Guidelines

Refer to the COF Course and Category Guidelines (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view) for recommended winning times for the different courses. Note that for MOA selection races the organizer is required to have the following courses available:

COF Course # MOA Age Category
1 M/F 12
2 M/F 13-14
3 M/F 15-16
5 F17-20; F35-59; F60+; M60+
8 M17-20; F21; M35-59
10 M21

Note that the organizer should have all of the above courses planned but only needs to prepare maps and set controls for people who have pre-registered with the required notice. Competitors who are trying to make the provincial team must ensure they have pre-registered for their correct course.

OCAD Map Files

Please download the latest copy of the OCAD map file before you begin course planning. If you make changes to the map, please send back the updated file.

Click here to access the OCAD map files. Note that the map images on our WhyJustRun site should not be used for course planning as they are updated less frequently and the print quality won't be as good.

MOA Documents

Various documents, including MOA policies and information on our timing equipment can be found on the MOA Documents page.

Concussion Awareness

We recommend concussions be managed following the Canadian Guidelines found here:

Mailing List Information

The weekend prior to each scheduled event, an e-mail is sent to the Events Notice Mailing List announcing the following event details:

If you want additional information included in the notice for your event, please contact the list manager, Gilles Ferrand, before the weekend prior to your event. (You may want to provide driving directions, the location of the assembly area, special event details, and so on.)

Please remember that the Events Notice Mailing List is to be used only for announcing events. In consideration of its subscribers, it should not be used as a communication tool to provide last-minute information to participants.