Manitoba Orienteering Association

Map Files

Event organizers can use this page to download the OCAD map file for course planning. It is recommended that you use Condes for the course planning as we have a club license for this program.

Note that the map files are available to event organizers only. You will need a username/password to access the maps.

If you make the changes to a map, please send in the updated file.

Assiniboine Forest
Assiniboine Park
Assiniboine Park Permanent Course Condes File
Birds Hill Group Use
Birds Hill Park
Brandon Hills
Bruce Park (OCAD, OMAP)
Camp Morton Ski Area
Crescent Park
Cypress River Sand Hills (OCAD 8 version here - please do updates in OCAD 10)
Cypress River Sand Hills Sprint (OCAD 8 version here - please do updates in OCAD 10)
Falcon Trails Resort
FortWhyte Alive (OCAD map + English & French permanent courses)
Gimli Bible Camp
Glen Valley
Grand Beach
Hartney - Juniper Hill (ISSOM)
Hog's Back
Hog's Back (ISSOM)
Island Park
Jessica Lake
Kelvin High School
Kiche Manitou
Kilcona Park
Kildonan Park (OCAD, OMAP)
King's Park (OCAD)
LaBarriere Park
Langford Community Pasture
Little Mountain Park
Living Prairie Park
Omand's Creek
Queen Elizabeth Park
Selkirk Park
Seton Park North
Spirit Sands
St. Johns Park
St. Malo Park
St. Vital Park
Stonewall Quarry Park
The Forks
University of Manitoba (OCAD, OMAP)
Vermilion Park
Westview Park
Whittier, Lagomodiere and Gaboury Park
Wildwood Park
Yellow Quill