Orienteering Manitoba

2024 Membership

To become a member of the Manitoba Orienteering Association and participate in MOA events, you must complete a membership application and sign a waiver (adult) or assumption of risk (minor).

Membership Application

To become a member of the MOA, please register using our new Interpodia portal at https://2mev.com/#!/memberships/orienteering-manitoba-2024

Please disregard the "Refundable Registration" option as it is not applicable to memberships.

Interpodia handles membership applications, waivers, and payments and is the preferred method of registration.


Memberships cost $5.00 for an individual or $10.00 for a family. A family is up to 2 adults and any number of children in one household.

If registering by Interpodia, you will be prompted to enter a credit card number to pay these fees.

If not registering by Interpodia, payments by cash or cheque are accepted.

Season Passes

Standard event fees are $10 adult / $5 junior for city park events and $20 adult / $10 junior for wilderness events.

Starting in 2024, we offer season passes. The city park pass costs $50, the wilderness pass costs $80. Each pass gives you access to all the events in the calendar year, in the stated category. This excludes special events (e.g. Tri-O, Rogaine) and championship events, which have their own pricing system.

You can buy season passes online, at the same time you register for your membership. If you already are a member, go through the process again, and select the season pass(es) you want to add.

Note that when you hold a season pass, you still have to register for individual events that you want to attend.

Mailing Lists

When you register for membership via Interpodia, you will be subscribed to our emailing lists. We use them to communicate about membership management, club news, and events.

Upon subscription you will receive a welcome email, including links to edit your preferences or to unsubscribe.

If you want to get updates from us, but are not ready to get a membership via Interpodia, you can manually subscribe to our emailing lists here.

Printable Forms

Please complete the membership process online if possible. Otherwise, please download and complete the membership form below and either the English or French waiver/assumption of risk. (2024-01-06: The Orienteering Canada forms haven't been updated.)

2024 Membership.pdf
EN - Orienteering Canada 2023 Waiver and Assumption of Risk.pdf