Manitoba Orienteering Association

2019 Membership

To become a member of the Manitoba Orienteering Association and participate in MOA events, you must complete a membership application and sign a waiver. There is now just one form for both the application and the waiver:

Membership Application & Waiver Form

Applications and waivers can be mailed to the MOA's office (see address below) or handed to any event organizer. An application and waiver cover the entire year.

Manitoba Orienteering Association
145 Pacific Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3B 2Z6

Important Note: Before going to your first event of the year, please consider printing the membership/waiver form at home and filling it out prior to arriving at the event. It's much easier to do this at home instead of the event site, where there will be a limited supply of blank forms, pens, and table space.