Manitoba Orienteering Association

2006 Results

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Sunday 9 April - Birds Hill Provincial Park
Saturday 6 May - Hartney
Saturday 13 May - Neepawa (Langford)
Wednesday 17 May - Kilcona Park
Saturday 27 May - Spruce Woods Provincial Park (Glen Valley)
Sunday 28 May - Carberry (Seton)
Wednesday 14 June - Assiniboine Park
Sunday 25 June - Omand Park
Saturday 29 July - St. Malo Provincial Park
Saturday 12 August - Spruce Woods Provincial Park (Spirit Sands)
Sunday 13 August - Spruce Woods Provincial Park (Yellowquill)
Saturday 9th September - Hartney
Sunday 10th September - Hartney
Wednesday 13th September - Selkirk Park
Wednesday 20th September - LaBarriere Park
Saturday 23rd September - MOC Medium - Brandon (Brandon Hills)
Saturday 23rd September - MOC Sprint - Brandon (Queen Elizabeth Park)
Sunday 24th September - MOC Long - Brandon (Brandon Hills)
Wednesday 4th October - Lagomodiere/Gaboury Park
Sunday 15th October - Spruce Woods Provincial Park (Yellowquill)
Saturday 21st October - Falcon Lake
Sunday 22nd October - Jessica Lake
Saturday 28th October - Little Mountain Park