Manitoba Orienteering Association

2006 Results

Lagomodiere/Gaboury Park - 4 October

Don Roe

Short Course

1 Lois Watts 9:04
2 Pat Lee 10:47
3 Marion Loewen 17:05
4 Ursula Goeres 20:01

Long Course

1 Darius Konotopetz 20:38
2 Tim Lee 25:42

We had a BIG surprise when we found a new trench 4 foot wide and 4 foot
deep running the length of the map.  It made for interesting control placements
and route choices.  It also effectively cut off one part of the park so 4 controls
were not set (and no length for the runs are available).  All competitors helped
pick up controls on a nippy evening.  Thanks!