Manitoba Orienteering Association

2005 Manitoba Schools Orienteering



Using a specially marked detailed map of woods or parkland, orienteers navigate around a series of features circled on the map. An orange and white control flag at each point allows competitors to confirm they found the right feature; and a punch there allows them to record their passage. For beginners and the very young, the flags are found on or close to trails, paths, fences and streams. The challenge is to cover the ground as quickly as possible and find the control flags without hesitation or making navigational errors.                           

Orienteering is a sport that promotes self-confidence and an enjoyment of the outdoors together with physical fitness, navigation and planning. While being a good runner is helpful, good decision-making skills are more important.  Students learn how to read and interpret a map. The only equipment required is a good pair of running shoes. 


In order to prepare maps we will need to know approximately how many students in each grade will be competing.  Please email MOA at or fax information to 925-5792 by Thursday, September 8th.  Payment of fees ($2.00 per student) and confirmation of a signed standard parental release form for each student will be accepted at the meet.  


The Manitoba Schools Championship was held regularly in the 70s and 80s.  We have been providing clinics on orienteering for many years and want to re-introduce the championships to offer Manitoba students the opportunity to compete in this sport with others of their age. 

There will be courses provided for boys and girls in grades 5 through 12.  The courses will be between 2 and 3.5 kilometers in length and the controls will be placed on or close to trails.  Each grade will have a mass start and they will find as many controls as they can in a given time period (between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the age of the student).  Younger students (grades 5 and 6) could be allowed to go in pairs. Those placing well in regional events will be invited to the Provincial Schools Championship.  Information on orienteering available at our office--phone 925-5706. 

Please visit our website at for further information and activities to help prepare your students for this event.   There will be volunteers available to answer questions and direct buses to parking. 


Mon Sep 12 10:30am Westman Schools Regional Champs
Tue Sep 13 10:30am Central Schools Regional Champs
Thu Sep 15 10:30am Interlake Schools Regional Champs
Fri Sep 16 10:30am Winnipeg Northeast Schools Regional Champs
Mon Sep 19 10:30am Winnipeg Southwest Schools Regional Champs
Tue Sep 20 10:30am Eastman Schools Regional Champs
Sat Sep 24 11:00am Camp Manitou School Champs




We are asking each teacher who will be bringing a group of students to introduce the sport of orienteering prior to the event.

Due to the numbers it will be impossible for our organizers to instruct every student on what they need to do.  We will be giving the groups general instructions on safety and procedures but going over the entire sport would take too long.

A couple classes prior the event to allow your students to become familiar with activity will help a great deal.

Here are some examples of what you could try:

*          Set up a mini-course in the school, gymnasium and/or school ground.  (this will actively immerse your students in what they will be doing at the event)

*          Ask your students to do some personal research on the sport using the internet.  What does the sport involve?  What are the rules?  What equipment is needed?  What skills do you need to have?

*          Go over a sample orienteering map provided on the web site.  Ask the students to identify what is shown on the map.  Where are the north lines?  Where is the legend?  Can you find a hill?  Trail? Single tree?  Highway?

*          Review the powerpoint slides in this package with your students, make overheads and talk about this sport.

*          Go over the fill in the blank student handout entitled “Orienteering: Why Just Run?”'


The following links are for electronic copies of the material supplied to the schools:


Orienteering worksheet

PowerPoint Presentation

Birds Hill Park Map

Kiche Manitou park map

Orienteering Worksheet Answers