Manitoba Orienteering Association

2013 News

2013 Provincial Team - April 19, 2013

The following people have been named to the 2013 Provincial Team (subject to becoming MOA members):

Men Women
Rudi Bajt Angela Bajt
Michael Goeres Muriel Gamey
Dave Graupner Ursula Goeres
Steven Graupner Jennifer Hamilton
Thomas Graupner  
Sébastien Kerhervé  
Damian Konotopetz  
Darius Konotopetz  
Larry Konotopetz  
Reid Nelson  
Vern Nelson  

Available funding for those competing in the Junior and Elite categories at out-of-province events has been set to $200 per event for attending COC, JWOC, WUOC, and WOC. Please see the MOA's Provincial Team Policy and Expense Policy (on the MOA Documents page) for complete details.