Manitoba Orienteering Association

2012 News

2012 Provincial Team - March 3, 2012

The following people have been named to the 2012 Provincial Team (subject to becoming MOA members):

Men Women

Rudi Bajt

Angela Bajt
Patrick Connors Muriel Gamey
Patrick Goeres Jennifer Hamilton
Dave Graupner Pat Lee
Steven Graupner Lois Watts
Thomas Graupner  
Damian Konotopetz  
Darius Konotopetz  
Larry Konotopetz  
Reid Nelson  
Vern Nelson  

2012 Team selection was based on times-per-kilometre at 2011 Selection Races as well as applications to the MOA Board. Future team selection is going to be based solely on applications to the Board. See the Provincial Team Statement on the MOA Documents page for details.

The MOA Board has not yet determined 2012 Team benefits or requirements to receive those benefits.