Manitoba Orienteering Association

2011 News

Provincial Team News - March 13, 2011

As announced back in November, the following people have made the 2011 Provincial Team:

Elite Team Junior Team Masters Team Development Team
Angela Bajt Reid Nelson Dave Graupner Thomas Graupner
Muriel Gamey   Larry Konotopetz  
Patrick Goeres   Vern Nelson  
Steven Graupner   Lois Watts  
Damian Konotopetz      
Darius Konotopetz      
Tim Lee      

2011 team funding and the 2012 Provincial Team Selection Criteria were discussed at a Board Meeting on February 23rd.

2011 team funding will be $400 for Elite and Junior team members and $200 for Masters and Development team members. The funding may go toward entry fees, travel, and accommodations for attending the 2011 Canadian Orienteering Championships and/or Western Canadian Orienteering Championships. Reimbursement is subject to the MOA’s Expense Policy. No special team requirements (such as working at a bingo) have been declared.

The 2012 Provincial Team Selection Criteria have not been completely determined. Currently, the criteria are the same as last year, except that one Middle or Long race from the COCs or WCOCs may now count toward an athlete's TPK. However, the entire system for getting on the provincial team is being reviewed. If new criteria are developed for the 2012 team, anyone who meets either the new requirements or the current requirements will make the team.