Manitoba Orienteering Association

2010 News

Provincial Team News - March 25, 2010

Based on 2009 results, the following people have been named to the 2010 Provincial Team (subject to becoming 2010 members):

Elite Team Junior Team Masters Team
Angela Bajt Damian Konotopetz Rudi Bajt
Muriel Gamey Reid Nelson Dave Graupner
Patrick Goeres   Pat Lee
Steven Graupner   Marion Loewen
Thomas Graupner   Don Roe
Darius Konotopetz   Lois Watts
Larry Konotopetz    
Tim Lee    

At the Board Meeting on March 24th, the following was decided regarding 2010 team funding:

At the meeting, the 2011 Provincial Team Selection Criteria were also determined. They are essentially the same as last year and can be downloaded from the MOA Documents page.