Manitoba Orienteering Association

2009 News

Olympic Torch Bearers - December 16, 2009

It was revealed this past weekend that not one, not two, but three long-time members of the Manitoba Orienteering Association (MOA) will be torch bearers for the coming 2010 Winter Olympics in B.C. in February when the relay winds it way through Manitoba.

Muriel Gamey, a retired school teacher and current MOA Women's Elite Long Distance Champion, was chosen by her community of Neepawa as an outstanding citizen to, not only carry the torch, but light the flame there on January 8th.

Darius Konotopetz, 23, U of W student studying to be an educator, who is also an in-line skater, marathon runner and current MOA Men's Elite Sprint Champion, was chosen to carry the torch after submitting an essay describing his fitness strategies. Darius will carry the torch in Selkirk on January 5th.

Jennifer Hamilton, of Winnipeg, the MOA club president, long-time community sports volunteer and an archaeologist for Parks Canada, was also chosen based on an essay she submitted regarding sport. Jennifer will carry the torch in Winnipeg on January 5th.

Congratulations to Muriel, Darius and Jennifer for lighting the way to the Olympics!

Pictured in the photo, left to right are: Darius Konotopetz of Winnipeg, Muriel Gamey of Neepawa, and Jennifer Hamilton of Winnipeg.