Manitoba Orienteering Association

2009 News

2009 Provincial Team - January 11, 2009

The following people have been named to the 2009 Provincial Team:

Elite Team:

Steven Graupner 6.31 min/km
Darius Konotopetz 7.30 min/km
Tim Lee 7.70 min/km
Angela Bajt 10.19 min/km
Muriel Gamey 10.63 min/km

Development Team:

Thomas Graupner 9.26 min/km

Masters Team:

Larry Konotopetz 9.37 min/km
Dave Graupner 11.46 min/km
Rudi Bajt 11.99 min/km
Pat Lee 13.60 min/km
Lois Watts 13.87 min/km
Marion Loewen 14.37 min/km

Note that in order to receive funding, team members will have to meet the 2009 Provincial Team Requirements, which will be determined at the next MOA board meeting.  In the past, these requirements have included working at one bingo, attending the MOCs, and attending at least 50% of the selection races.