Manitoba Orienteering Association

Island Park Permanent Orienteering Course

This facility has been developed by the Manitoba Orienteering Association, Inc. We hope that you will enjoy this activity and that you will join us for other Orienteering activities around the province.

Please be aware that you are running through a living area. Take care and do not damage plants, trees or shrubs in the park.
You are also likely to encounter other individuals and groups while completing this course. Please do not disturb other users by running through their activities and do not run through occupied areas - go around them instead.

How to use the course

Before Starting:
1) Print a copy of these instructions and a copy of the control card.
2) Print a copy of the map. The map is a PDF file so you will need Adobe Reader to view and print. You can download the map from here (494KB). The map should be printed in color.
3) Note the actual printed map scale may be different from that on the map.
4) The arrows on the meridian lines denote magnetic north. No adjustment for declination is required.
5) Read the legend carefully.

The start is at the trail end. The start is indicated by a triangle on the map. The trail-head sign is found at this location.

What to Do:
1. Visit the controls marked on the map with numbered circles. At each location you will find a post with red and white markings and black letters and numbers.
2. Each post has its number marked on it, plus a letter. Print the letter on the card. Use the box with the same number as the control.
3. You may take one or several occasions to visit all the controls.
4. On your first visit to the course, begin at the start (triangle). On later visits you can start at any place on the map that you choose.
5. Navigate to each control. Map reading will be your main means of doing this, while a compass will be very useful to orient the map (keeping north on the map pointing to north on the terrain).

Achievement Certificate:
When you have found all the controls and recorded the letter on the card, you can get an achievement certificate for completing the course. Put your name and address on the card and mail to the Manitoba Orienteering Association, 145 Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3B 2Z6.

Other ways to use the course:
Once you have completed the course you can have more fun by trying the following activities:
Score Orienteering - Set a time limit for yourself or your group. See how many points you can get before the time is up. Subtract one point for each minute you are over the allotted time. If you use the points listed with the control descriptions you should start from the triangle on the map.
Make your own course - Pick a number of controls. Decide on what order to visit them. See who can finish the course in the fastest time.

Control Descriptions

No. Description Points (for Score Orienteering)
1 Sign, east side 10
2 Ditch, south end 20
3 Structure, NE corner 5
4 Ditch, north end 10
5 Depression, south end 5
6 Fence corner 10
7 Building, SE corner 10
8 Monument, north side 15
9 Depression, south end 15
10 Building, south-east corner 10
11 Fence bend 10
12 Open area 10
13 Lake, north east end 10
14 Beside road 10
15 Dock, south side 10
16 Hill, south end 15