Manitoba Orienteering Association

2007 Course Guidelines


Refer to the COF Course and Category Guidelines (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view) for recommended winning times for the different courses. Note that for MOA selection races the organizer is required to have the following courses available:

COF Course # MOA Age Category
1 M/F 12
2 M/F 13-14
3 M/F 15-16
5 F 17-20; F35+; M60+
8 M17-20; F21; M35-59
10 M21

Note that the organizer should have courses planned for all of the above courses but only needs to prepare maps and hang controls for people that have pre-registered with the required notice. Competitors that are trying to the provincial team must ensure they have pre-registered for their correct course or they may not be able to count that race.