Manitoba Orienteering Association

2004 Results

Quarry Park - Stonewall - 14 September 2004

Don Roe

Score 0

1 Diana Reimer 151
2 Robin & Chris Camley 144
3 Elmer Guest 122
4 Peggy Satta 111
5 Debbie Goodman 111
6 Jane Huntington 111
7 Jacque Funk 88
8 Inge Arnott 65
9 Alan Bell 41:32

What a wonderful park!  It has cliffs, a lake, marshes, forests, hills all packed into a
small beautiful area.  The weather was perfect.  We will definitely be using this park
more (but not during the last game of a Hockey World Championship!) 
Thanks to Robin for telling all his friends and Diana for bringing out the girls from school! 

Score Orienteering style.  Most competitors visited all of the controls, some just faster than others J