Manitoba Orienteering Association

2004 Results

The Forks/Downtown - 28 August

Don Roe

Score O - 1 Hour

1 Patrick Goeres 36,851
2 Dave Graupner 32,775
3 Steven Graupner 28,998
4 Bill Menzies 26,864
5 Thomas Graupner 19,660
6 Mike & Ursula Goeres 18,364
7 Kurt & Quinn Brandt 17,877
8 Jacquelyn & Gabriel Brandt 15,308
9 Pat Graupner 14,544
10 Kris Roe 13,806
11 Caitlin Goeres 11,460
12 Eric Johns & Jenny Ritchot 11,446
  Nick Borgen, Tom Groening, Melanie Noll, Laura Gauwert dnf
We enjoyed one of the few nice days of the "summer that never came" finding plaques and monuments rather than controls 
downtown and in St. Boniface.  The main complaint was it often took longer to read the inscriptions for the needed dates 
than to run to the next one.  The return of Bill Menzies from orienteering limbo was very welcome.  A very pleasant time if 
you enjoyed the scenery and didn't take the orienteering too seriously.  Some even got to be in on wedding photo shoot at the Cathedral!
Scores are self-reported and probably not very accurate (sort of like golf) as I balked at adding 20 lists of 
two dozen four digit numbers.  The maximum possible score without time bonuses was 57,840.

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