Manitoba Orienteering Association

2002 Results

The following Manitoban Orienteers participated in some or all of the Yukon Orienteering Championships (YOC), Western Canadian Orienteering Championships (WCOC), Canadian Orienteering Championships (COC), North American Orienteering Championships (NAOC) and the Asia Pacific Orienteering Championships (APOC).

Name Awards
Ariane Burke*1  
Sheldon Friesen Silver (COC Classic)
Muriel Gamey Silver (COC Classic & Short)
Dave Graupner*1 Silver (WCOC), Bronze (YOC)
Pat Graupner  
Steven Graupner*1 Gold (YOC, WCOC, COC Classic, APOC, NAOC), Silver (6day total), Bronze (COC Short)
Thomas Graupner*1 Gold (YOC, WCOC)
Jennifer Hamilton*1  
Damian Konotopetz*1 Gold (APOC), Silver (COC Short)
Darius Konotopetz*1  
Larry Konotopetz*1 Gold (COC Short)
Tim Lee  
Pat Lee  
Marion Loewen  
Don Roe  
Kris Roe  
Kristin Stanford*1  
Michael Stanford*1  
Donald Watson*1 Bronze (COC Classic)
Lois Watts Silver (COC Short)

*1 Participated in the APOC relay event