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2009 Manitoba Sandhills Orienteering Festival

2009 Sass Peepre National Junior Training Camp
August 24 – 26, at Carberry, Manitoba


This year’s Sass Peepre National Junior Training camp will be held in Carberry, Manitoba. Accommodation will be in a school called Carberry Collegiate. We hope all you enthusiastic juniors will come back to renew old friendships, spike more controls and learn new ways to exhaust your coaches.


Start:               Monday, August 24, about 9am

End:                Wednesday, August 26, about 5pm

Location:        Training will be at 2 orienteering maps in Spruce Woods: Yellowquill, about 20km south of Carberry, and Glen Valley, about 30km south of Carberry. Transport to maps will be in coaches’ cars.

Accommodation: will be at Carberry Collegiate. Participants will sleep on the floor of the gym and a classroom (boys and girls separated). We will have access to a kitchen, a canteen, showers and change rooms. Meals will be prepared by volunteers.

Other events: Western Canadian Championships August 21-23

                        Prairie Goat August 26
Relay August 27

                        Canadian Championships August 28-30

Camp Fee:      $100.00 which includes accommodation and meals.

                        $50 of this fee is non-refundable.

Consider contacting your own club for a subsidy.

Registration:  Send your registration form, along with the fee, to the registrar. The fee and form must be received by the registrar by July 31, 2009. The camp also includes the Prairie Goat event on Wednesday. You must register separately for this event.

Registrar:       Anne Teutsch, phone 613-226-4677

1 Revol Road, Ottawa ON K2G 0B8

Camp Coordinator: Kitty Jones


For registration information: Contact Anne Teutsch, see above

For all other information: Contact Kitty at or 403-282-5235.




We need adults to volunteer to help coach at all levels from beginner to advanced. We also need adults to volunteer to help prepare the meals (2 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 2 suppers). Whether you are a National Team athlete (either current or past), or a parent of a camp participant, please consider offering your time.

Coaches and cooking volunteers will receive free room and board at the camp. Sorry – no honoraria!

If you have a vehicle, you will be asked to help with transporting participants the short distance to training sessions. We will pay for your gas.

Contact Kitty to join the fun!


Coaches’ Meeting:     Sunday, August 23, sometime in the afternoon or evening

location TBA