2013 Western Canadian Orienteering Championships

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2013 Western Canadian Orienteering Championships

2013 Sass Peepre Training Camp
For Juniors and Adults
July 30 – August 1, Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Manitoba

REVISED Preliminary Information as of July 13
Detailed information as of June 10 available here

All camp participants must complete the registration form and send it to the registrar by July 19. Fees must be paid online by this deadline as well.

Traditionally, the Sass Peepre Training Camp has been for Juniors only. This camp is breaking with tradition to welcome adults, as well as juniors, on a one-time basis.

Juniors are expected to register as full-time participants.
Adults can choose between the full-time option and a drop-in option.


This Training Camp will be held at Kiche Manitou Campground in Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Manitoba, in conjunction with the Western Canadian Orienteering Championships Aug 3-5.

(NB. There will be a separate National Junior Training Camp at Wentworth Hostel in Nova Scotia on Aug 20-22 in conjunction with the Eastern Canadian Championships.)


For whom: Anyone age 10 and over. Siblings younger than 10 are welcome only if a parent volunteers at camp full time. Non-Canadians are welcome to apply after June 1.
All juniors are expected to participate full-time.
Adults can participate full-time for the $130 fee, or choose to drop in on any or all of the 7 training sessions. See detailed info for more details.
Schedule: 8:30am Tuesday, July 30 to 4:00pm Thursday, August 1
There will be a series of 8 sprint events in Winnipeg on the weekend of July 27-28.
Location: Due to low participation numbers the Sass Peepre Camp has moved location from the Glenboro School to Kiche Manitou Campground in Spruce Woods Provincial Park. Training will be on several different orienteering maps in Spruce Woods Park. Transport to the maps will be in personal vehicles.
Accommodation: All participants will sleep in their own tents at Kiche Manitou Campground. Contact Kitty for details about the campsite arrangements.
Meals: Meals for full-time participants will be prepared at the campground by our volunteer cooks.
Camp Fee for full-time participants:
  $130 for full-time participant - pay online
(includes accommodation, meals and coaching).
$25 of this fee is non-refundable.
Fees for drop-in participants:
  $25 non-refundable registration fee – pay online
$15/training session, payable at each training session
Registration: First, all participants, both full-time and drop-in, must register and pay online (same process as registering for WCOC competitions)
Second, all participants, both full-time and drop-in, must complete a registration form and send it to Kitty Jones by email or by mail. The fee and form must be received by July 19.
Camp Coordinator and Registrar: Kitty Jones (Calgary)
For all information: Contact Kitty at kittyjones@shaw.ca or 403-282-5235.
A confirmation letter will be emailed to registered participants in July.




As usual, we are looking for volunteers to coach, cook, drive, and generally help out (e.g. supervise younger kids at bedtime).

If you are worried about tiring yourself out or getting injured at camp (e.g. you hope to win your age category at subsequent WCOC events), then consider offering to help part time instead of full time. Of course we’d love to have as many HPP folks to coach as possible, but we do not want to risk affecting your potential to reach your competitive goals. On the plus side, remember that coaching does give you insights into O skills. Also, the training maps have terrain very similar to that of WCOC events.

We need adults to volunteer to help coach at all levels from beginner to advanced. We also need adults to volunteer to help prepare the meals (2 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 2 suppers). Whether you are a National Team athlete (either current or past), or a parent of a camp participant, please consider offering your time, as this camp relies on volunteers.

All adult volunteers will receive free room and board at the camp. Sorry – no honoraria! But you’ll be making a big contribution to the Canadian orienteering scene and have fun while doing so!
If you have a vehicle, you will be asked to help with transporting participants the short distance to training sessions.

Contact Kitty to join the camp!