2017 Western Canadian Orienteering Championships

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2017 Western Canadian Orienteering Championships

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About This Page

This page has important information for those who are coming to the WCOCs. Please save or print everything for reference as there will be no handbook.

Any updates to this page will be listed at the bottom of the home page.

Course Maximum Times

Each competitor has a maximum time to complete their courses as follows:

Sprint: 1 hour
Middle: 2 hours
Long: 3 hours

Anyone taking over the above time will be disqualified. Controls may also be collected after everyone is either finished or overtime.


Water, Gatorade and fruit will be provided at the finish line at each meet to all competitors.


In an emergency, call 911.

Glenboro Health Center
219 Murray
Glenboro, MB (1-204-827-2438)
(open during the week; open on the weekend of the July 14,15,16 - call ahead if you have an emergency)

Carberry Plains District Health Centre
340 Toronto St.
Carberry, MB (1-204-834-2144)
(open during the week, and closed on the weekend of the July 14,15,16)

Brandon Regional Health Centre
150 McTavish Avenue East
Brandon, MB (1-204-578-4000)
(24-hr hospital)

Health Links Manitoba: Toll Free (1-888-315-9257)

Map Legend & Meet Site Layout

The following image shows the map legend and meet site layout for the WCOCs. Please study this and print a copy if desired. Copies will also be available at registration.

(Click for larger image)

Meet Site Locations

Please see the WCOC Google Map for meet site locations.

The WCOC Model, Sprint, Middle, and Long events are all located along Park Road, 7.5 km north of Highway 2. Park Road is about 1 km east of Cypress River, which is between Glenboro and Holland.

The WCOC Banquet will be at the Cypress River Memorial Hall at 149 Railway Ave in Cypress River. Doors will open at 5:45 PM and dinner will be at 6:30 PM.

The Pre-WCOC training event will be at the Epinette Creek trailhead along Highway 5, about 20 km north of Highway 2 and Glenboro. If coming from the south, note that you will drive by a sign for the Yellow Quill trailhead, which is not where the trailing will be (despite this being on the Yellow Quill map). The Epinette Creek trailhead is 3.3 km north of the Yellow Quill trailhead.

Natural Hazards

Wood ticks, as opposed to deer ticks, should be declining by August but, nonetheless, competitors should be on their guard. Some carry Lyme disease. Wood ticks embed into skin. Dabbing them with alcohol on a cotton swab makes them fall off, otherwise medical assistance may be necessary to remove this type of tick.
Mosquitos Guard against West Nile virus. Insect repellent will be available at the start.
Deer Flies These biting flies have mouthparts designed to pierce or slice into the skin and then suck up the blood. Insect repellent will be available at the start.
Black bears and deer are present. Exercise caution.
Poison Ivy Wash exposed area. A water tank will be located near the toilets.
Consider carrying Handi Wipes in case you fall into the stuff while running.
Spear Grass Remove immediately as it can cause skin irritation.
Heat Exhaustion Hydrate to avoid.
Due to predicted hot weather, competitors are encouraged to carry water with them.
Symptoms: Dry or sticky mouth, lethargy, thirst, confusion, little or no sweating, fever, low blood pressure.
Stop participation immediately. Drink small sips of water or sports drink while resting. Remove excess clothing or loosen clothing. Retreat to a cooler area.

Onsite Registration (Package Pickup)

Registration takes place right at the meet site. There are no registration packages, but participants still need to sign waivers and pay if they haven't already done so.

Model maps (for those who purchased them) and some printed competitor information will be available at registration.

Banquet tickets will be handed out at the door to those who purchased them. They must be handed in prior to receiving food.

Start & Finish Locations

For all events, the Finish will be close to Parking and the Start will be within 200 metres of the Finish.


Portable toilets will be at the parking and at the finish. A water tank for washing will be nearby.


Must be signed at Registration on site before Model and/or competition.